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Saturday, January 30, 2010


Protecting - Children and Parents

How children should treat their parents

By supporting their parents when necessary
By helping them in their business, at work, or in any other appropriate ways

By keeping the family together

By being worthy of their inheritance

By doing charitable acts in memory of departed parents and relatives

How parents should treat their children

By restraining their children from doing wrong

By encouraging them to do what is right

By having them trained in a profession

By helping or giving advice in the choice of a suitable marriage partner

By handing over their inheritance at a proper time

When children and parents treat each other in this way,  the family made peaceful and secure.

Protecting  – Students and Teachers

How students should treat their teachers

By showing their teachers proper respect

By attending to their needs

By personal service to them

By being eager to learn

By paying careful attention when being taught

How teachers should treat their students

By training their students to develop self-discipline

By teaching them so that they understand the lessons well

By giving them a well-balanced education

By introducing them to friends and colleagues

By helping to ensure their safety and well-being

When students and teachers treat each other in this way, places of learning made peaceful and secure.

Protecting  – Husbands and Wifes

How a husband should treat his wife

By treating her with courtesy

By showing her respect

By being faithful to her

By sharing authority of the household with her

By providing her with jewellery and gifts

How a wife should treat her husband

By properly organizing the household

By being hospitable to in-laws, and treating household workers well

By being faithful to him

By helping to preserve the family wealth

By being skilful and diligent in her duties

When husbands and wives treat each other in this way, households made peaceful and secure.

Protecting – Friends and Associates

How one should treat friends and associates

By being generous and willing to share

By speaking with kind words

By being helpful

By being impartial and unbiased

By being sincere and honest

How friends and associates should treat each other

By taking care of each other when they are vulnerable

By protecting their property when they are vulnerable

By being a refuge in times of fear or danger

By not abandoning them in times of need

By respecting and showing consideration for their family

When friends and associates treat each other in this way,  society made peaceful and secure.

Protecting  – Employers and Employees

How employers should treat their employees

By assigning their employees work according to their abilities

By paying them adequately for their work

By looking after their medical needs

By giving them special treats

By allowing them leave and holidays

How employees should treat their employers

By arriving early for work

By staying late when necessary

By taking only what is given

By doing their job well

By upholding and spreading the good reputation of their employer

When employees and employers treat each other in this way, places of work made peaceful and secure.

Protecting  – Spiritual teachers and Lay followers

How lay followers should treat their spiritual teachers

By kind actions

By kind speech

By kind thoughts

By keeping their house open to them

By providing them with material needs

How spiritual teachers should treat their lay followers

By restraining them from doing wrong

By encouraging them to do what is right

By showing them compassion

By teaching them what they do not know

By clarifying what has been taught

By showing them the way and guiding them in spiritual practice

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