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Friday, December 25, 2009

What basically is kamma?

Kamma literally means "intentional action" ,and this refers to the Buddhist belief in the principle of Cause and Effect. We believe that every intentional act will give rise to a corresponding result, in either the present life or in a future one.

The result of kamma should thus not be seen as rewards or punishments for acts done, but simply the results or outcome of any such intentional acts. Positive actions will eventually result in positive consequences, and negative actions will eventually result in negative consequences.

Using an ordinary common-sense example of Cause and Effect take a person who smokes,drinks and eats excessively without doing any regular exercise. As a result of his actions, this person will have a high likelihood of having a stroke or heart disease and ultimately go through much suffering. On the other hand, a person who watches his diet and takes good care of his body will usually be able to have a healthy life, even in old age.

Therefore, a person who has done much good and thus accumulated much positive kamma will likely enjoy a happy life and gravitate towards a Human,or even a Heavenly realm of existence in the next rebirth. Conversely, someone who has done much bad deeds and accumulated much negative kamma may have a life plagued with difficulties, and then also reborn in a Lower realm of existence.

Kamma can also be viewed as seeds. You have the choice of the seeds you widh to grow. Therefore sow as many good seeds as you possibly can!

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